I reminded myself today of the gift of gratitude.  Today was not a particularly easy day. In fact, it was difficult in many ways.  When I reached the most difficult moment I prayed for the answer. What do I do to stop the hurt, what could I do? I stopped to wait for the answer.  In that moment, that was all I could do. All I could do was wait for the answer.  Of course, it came! When we sincerely ask, the answer always comes.  Gratitude…..

The answer is be thankful and grateful for the moment, for the lesson, for the opportunity to hold the hurt, to understand that pain comes with life, but is does not consume us, it helps us to grow. When we have the ability to see that we have so much more to be thankful for and grateful for we can all the hurt spots to heal and grow…..

The most beautiful flowers need some rain to grow….




A Clean Break is a Blessing……

Blessings….. Sometimes it is a blessing to have a relationship end in a way that it can never be resumed. I can honestly say, I am thankful and blessed to be able to move forward knowing that the other individual made it abundantly clear in their behavior, actions and words that they do not value others. Thank you God for showing me my value, moving that person out of my life with out any regret, resistance, or heart ache.

ordinary days are special

The rainy days make way for sunny, rose-bloom filled days! I am enjoying the raindrops that bring the spring flowers our way!


a motion of emotions

For me there is one principle I base my life on: live every moment as if it is your last one. If today is your last day, would you die peacefully? Make every day in your life special. Add colours to it. Go with your feelings and never regret anything. Make a difference in another person’s life with a simple and loving gesture. This is one of the most beautiful surprises ever received in my life. It made my day! Guys, you can copy this idea if you want to surprise your wife:)

photo (5)

It was a sunny day. The colours of the flowers surrounding me where all synchronized and emanating an indescribable perfume. The water of the fountain was crystal clear. The sound of it amalgamated with the gentle breeze which was pervading the entire atmosphere in the park.
As I was sitting in the park…

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